Frozen Foods Color Sorter Series

Model: SWG4-256

Suitable for all kinds of frozen food color sorting, can remove any color particles of impurities.

Technical characteristics

  1. Using high-speed line high precision 5340 pixel array CCD, HD recognition, high-speed sorting, more accurate identification;
  2. Special light source configuration, the identification of subtle color changes, can satisfy the colors of sorting;
  3. High quality image processing technology, can distinguish 0.04 square mm small area, can identify the subtle defects in materials, for high precision sorting and ordinary color selection can not be separated from the material to provide a good solution;
  4. The selection of the current color selection market is the most advanced LED lighting technology. Has the advantages of long service life and low power consumption, low decline;
  5. Different patterns of color selection, color clear classification, more targeted, more simple operation;
  6. A powerful operating system, with memory function, sorting again without re setting, and can obtain the best separation effect.
Frozen Foods Color Sorter Series
Yield (t)1-3
Color selection accuracy (%)≥98.5
Take out ratio≥8:1
Total weight (kg)920
supply (kw)2.6
Dimension / Size (L*W*H mm) 2020×1500×2253
Gas pressure (Mpa) 0.25-0.35
Gas consumption (L/min)1000-1500
Power input220V/50Hz

Note: The table data (frozen beans as a reference for the selected object size, specific gravity, friction coefficient, surface regularity, water rate, the content of defective products are different, the specific indicators will vary, please (user) depending on the desired reference selection.